Quality over Quantity

Well, here we are. One month after our Blingo fundraiser event. Wasn't Blingo so much fun!?! We laughed, we celebrated one another's success, we played our hearts out, and we won beautiful pieces of jewelry from Park Lane Jewelry. But, we all did so much more than just stuff our pockets with winnings. Every participant had the opportunity to learn ways that we can walk obediently with God within our abilities. We learned helpful tips to helping the homeless community during these hot summer months. We learned that even if we do not have the resources to financially support Philippians Place, or the time to dedicate to the organization outside of our homes, there are still ways to serve! During our Blingo fundraiser, each participant left with a small sheet of paper. That paper contained one name. That name was of a woman in the Women's Shelter. We engaged in a 30-day prayer challenge over the names on those papers. Diligently, obediently, we have prayed over these women. We have been faithful, giving freely the resources we have been given. 2 of the names on those sheets of paper have just begun their journey with Philippians Place. God is faithful to our prayers! He continues to remind us that every act of obedience, every act of service in His name, is not measured in quantity, but in quality. God blesses the quality every time!  

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