Program Guidelines/Requirements: Applicant must agree to these on the attached Initial Application:
  • Currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Not currently using and/or addicted to any illegal drug or alcohol without treatment plan or program.
  • Can provide or have access to 2 forms of identification (ID and SS card).
  • Can provide proof of current living situation, current program support for addiction, and proof of any income being listed.
  • Do not have pets or can place pets currently residing with them into homes or shelters prior to move in.
  • Provide a list of illnesses and/or prescriptions that they are or have been on.
  • This is a day-to-day program not to exceed six months, unless an extension is granted.
  • Sign a Day-to-Day Participation/Resident Contract.
  • Follow the Housing Guidelines and Rules on the Day-to-Day Participation/Resident Contract.
  • Sign a Release Form with any other agencies or organizations that work with you in order to coordinate and achieve goals.
  • Drug tests may be administered at random.
  • Philippians Place Personnel have the right to enter the transitional housing at any time.
  • Clients must notify program personnel one week prior to having visitors (of same sex or family members only), and visitors cannot stay more than 2 nights.
  • Meet with Client Administrator and Mentor weekly and/or as needed/determined.
  • Follow directives of Client Administrator, Mentor, and other Personnel.
  • Participate and complete set goals and weekly schedule developed by Client Administrator and/or Mentor.
  • Complete and document activity hours weekly as determined by Action Plan/Goal Sheet and Weekly Schedule
  • Participate in designated courses, meetings, and/or activities based on needs/goals.
  • Shadow or work as an Intern based on needs/goals.
  • Provide & document paystubs and/or employer disclosure form to budget money.
  • Provide bank statements to show expenditures to budget money.
  • Provide and document receipts to budget money.
  • Budget money and follow guidance of Program Personnel
  • Attend church service and/or events/activities weekly.
If you can agree to our process and Guidelines/Requirements, please complete the following application and submit it for processing.

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