There is always a way you can provide your support. Prayer is one of the largest ways you can personally invest in Philippians Place, and we could use more Prayer Warriors! Updated on 3/13/2017: Please pray for: Lenize, our Founder & Executive Director: Pray that she will continue to seek and follow God where He leads her.  Pray that she will remain steadfast in her faith in God and His mercies and provisions.  Pray that she will seek wisdom to lead others to do His will and serve others. Our board members: that we will follow God in our decisions, and that we will do His will in leading Philippians Place to fulfill His Plans. Our future board members: God has given us an amazing team to build Philippians Place to what it is today; please pray that God will lead the next board members to us, so we will continue to serve and follow Him so we can serve His people in this community. Committee members: Thank God for this amazing team He has brought together!  Pray that we will seek Him in all that we do, and that we will follow where He leads us. Our volunteers: Thank God for all the people who are volunteering for Philippians Place, especially our Mentors!  Pray that God will guide them in working with our clients.  Pray for people to be still and listen to God's calling to serve, and that they will take that first step and follow Him in serving. Client #2 has breast cancer; please pray for complete healing.  Pray that she will find hope and strength in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Client #6 will be graduating from college soon; please pray for a smooth transition and that she will find employment in her degree area. Pray that Client #7 will open her heart and mind to accept help and guidance. Client # 9 is in transition from our program to another program; please pray for a smooth transition and strength for her to be steadfast. Client #10 is having some difficulties staying focused; please pray that he will stay focused on the task at hand, and not be distracted by worldly demons. Future Clients: Please pray that we will follow God to the people He wants us to take in as our next clients.