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Philippians Place is in need of volunteers to help fulfill our mission: Philippians Place is dedicated to providing transitional housing and supportive services to individuals and/or families who are homeless.  Clients will be provided a supportive Christian community and skills training as they progress forward towards self-sufficiency and long-term housing.

As an Philippians Place volunteer you can help to transform the lives of of people in your local community. It only takes a little time to do a lot of good.

Volunteers Needed

Mentors: volunteer who establishes an ongoing “ministry of friendship” with an individual client or family. Mentors meet with clients weekly.  

Event Organizers: volunteer who assists in organizing and executing fundraising events.  Organizers work together in several events throughout the year.  

Client Support Volunteers: volunteer who teaches a needed skill or assists client in completing goals/tasks. Client supporters assist as needed/available.

Board Members: volunteer who meets with board monthly to develop, review, and/or analyze the organization’s programs,  strategies, and/or plans.

Technology Team Member: volunteer who assists in developing and updating digital and social media. Volunteer works on technology independently and/or with team regularly.

Financial Team Member: volunteer who assists in financial duties weekly or biweekly.  

Apply to Volunteer

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application.


If you have any questions about individual or group volunteer opportunities, please contact our Executive Director, Lenize Patton, at, or call (910) 378- 7908.