CrowdRise Fundraiser- How You Can Donate to Philippians Place

Hi!  My name is Lenize Patton and my husband and I have been blessed to own and start Philippians Place.  God put the vision of Philippians Place in my heart almost two years ago now, but I am finding out that my vision was itty-bitty compared to His vision!  My vision was to just help other homeless organizations by letting them use our apartments, but now we are so much more than that!  Philippians Place will not only provide a home for those who are homeless or about to be homeless, but we will also provide them with a loving community of people. Our goal is not to put a band-aid on the problem, but to end the cycle of poverty by coming along side our clients and “doing life” with them; this means we will love them like Christ loves us, and teach them new skills so they will become and will remain financially independent. We will provide financial support for their home as they learn new job skills, financial skills, and other necessary skills to be successful. Our program is a six-month program, and we will tailor it to meet their individual needs. God is leading us down this path and He is opening doors every step of the way!  When I first started this fundraiser, I asked for $20,000 in order to pay for a bathroom repair, appliances, furnishings, household items, and to sponsor four apartments.  Well that has completely changed!  God is so good!  Through many strangers and many friends, God has provided all the furnishings, appliances, household items, and even the bathroom repair!  The funds we initially budgeted to purchase all these items are now being used to sponsor two new people in one of our apartments for the next six months, as well as our original client and kids for the remainder of her program.  Therefore, we do not need that previous amount anymore!  Praise God!  So here's the bad news and good news: the bad news is we still have two apartments empty; the good news is we just need financial support to sponsor those two apartments.  We need $2,500 to sponsor a one-bedroom for six months, and $3,600 to sponsor a two bedroom for six months; that's $6,100.00 to take two families off the streets, and provide them a complete home and a loving community for at least six months! I have come to realize something as I follow God through this adventure: my focus has been about getting the 501(c)3 non-profit ID number, but what I need to focus on is God, and what He can do and will do without that number!  God has provided us everything we have needed so far through so many loving freinds, strangers, and even children, and so I know without a doubt that He will provide what Philippians Place needs to change the lives of two more families who are homeless. Therefore, with God's grace and mercies, we will continue to move forward.  First and formost, thank you for your prayers; God is listening and He is moving mountains!  Thank you to all of our friends, old and new, who have generously given to us with their material items, financial support, labor, and time.  God has truly blessed us through all of you!  Please continue to pray for Philippians Place, and pray for all the people that God has placed to volunteer and participate in our program.  Now let's continue God's work and take two more families off the streets for the next six months; think about it, that would mean spending Thanksgiving and Christmas off the streets and in a place they can call home!  What a blessing that would be! Please help Philippians Place end the cycle of homelessness one person at a time. Thank you and God Bless, Lenize Patton PS. Keep up with Philippians Place's Progress on Facebook!  See you there!

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