Getting to Know Your Board Members- Board Vice Chair, Monica Brady

_MG_984421.  Tell us a little about yourself (family, career, hobbies, etc.)

I am a mom of twin girls, Alexandra and Victoria, who surprise me with amazing things every day. I've been married to my High School Sweetheart, Ryan, since 1998.... He was an Active Duty Marine when we got married, so I had the privilege of traveling with him for a couple of duty stations... my favorite being our 3+ years in Okinawa, Japan. I work from home as a Blogger and Social Media Consultant. I also teach NRA firearms safety classes and NC Concealed Carry classes here in the Jacksonville/Richlands area.

2.  Are you a native of Onslow County; if not, what brought you to Onslow County and where are you originally from?

My family is originally from California. After my husband got out of the Marine Corps, he had a pull to move to NC. I had never been out here, so I agreed to move completely sight unseen. The goal was eventually to move up to the Raleigh area, but Jacksonville/Richlands grew on me, and now I can't see us living anywhere else.

3.  What is one of your all-time favorite vacations that you have taken?  Why is it your favorite?

Well, one would be my camping trips as a child to the San Luis Obispo, CA area. It was a family vacation that we went on several years with my grandparents... a time I'll never forget... but soon, I'll have the chance to make some new memories as we take our girls on our best family vacation yet... We are going to finally take a Disney Cruise, something we've been wanting to do for years. We can't wait!

4.  What is one interesting/exciting experience you have had?

I have had so many exciting experiences... Performing in Musicals, Achieving my 2nd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, Climbing Mt. Fuji, Meeting Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, filming a commercial for EA Sports, or another at the Frito Lay Flavor Kitchen.. My work takes me all kinds of cool places...

5.  What else would you like people to know about you?

I love working in the community. I tend to get involved in many different things so that I can keep my mind working.

6.  How did you become involved with Philippians Place?

This is totally a God thing... At the time I found out about the idea of Philippians Place,  I was the PTO President at my girls' school. I had been praying for an opportunity to do something bigger in the community and one day, this was brought to me. I knew this was that sign I had been praying for. I attended the meetings, not really knowing where I'd fit in, and soon found myself as the Vice Chair.

7.  What do you want people to know about Philippians Place?

Philippians Place is here to help the community by breaking the cycle of homelessness, through education, mentorship and faith... The board is full of kind hearts, and our volunteers are what make us work. We are always looking for volunteers! If you would love to help us out, please fill out the volunteer application form and let us know!

Executive Director Lenize Patton

Board Chair Michael Ferraro

Treasurer Phyllis Isenhart