BLINGO Blessings for Our Clients!

We just got in our shipment from Park Lane Jewelry! What an overflowing abundance of love and support that you have shown to our clients! We have received 8 pieces of jewelry, purchased at Blingo by participants, to be opened and used by our clients during job interviews. A statement piece to make our clients feel confident, bold, loved.   IMG_5929

"Just some 'bling' to let you know you are now ready to fly high & sing!

Praise the Lord for ALL things. Go Girl!"

-a personalized card slipped into a jewelry box at Blingo by an anonymous supporter

We do not have the words to express how much you all mean to Philippians Place. To know that our clients are prayed for and cared for beyond measure is so pleasing to our Lord. Thank you for your continued kindness, Philippians Place      

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